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Stone House Studio

What you see here is a picture of Geoff’s studio in the Blue Mountains, built in Sydney Sandstone. Built in 2002, the studio has become pretty much a landmark in the Blue Mountains.

What you don’t see are the studios where Ingrid, Jessica, Cindy, Rodney, Virginia and Helen, Aaron and Ian work. Their studios are located across Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

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Together we operate as a virtual studio, a network of design, illustration and production talent. While we may not be physically all in the same design space, we are all linked together as a secure network in our own creative space.

What We Do

The most important asset of any company is its brands.

At Brandname Properties we understand a lot about branding and all the issues involved, and we provide a Consultancy in this area.

Some of the areas we have been involved in are

Some key questions/thought provokers –

Branding – how fast is your Race Horse?

How fast is your racehorse?

Think of your brand as a race horse – what will make it win, get left in the field, run on the rails, sprint at first and then run last, run only in the mud or on a hard track, breakdown, be scratched, or be a real star?

Which is your best bet? Feed the horse or starve it? Spend money on training and trackwork? Have the right jockey? OR do you just bet in the field and hope for a win?

Moral of the story – Don’t spend money on advertising (betting), until you have your product (the horse) prepared – with the right product, strategy, packaging, pricing and distribution in place.

At Brandname Properties, we're committed to branding.

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