Our Team

Geoff Stuart
has been in the packaging design business for over 20 years. Highly creative, with a focus on ideas and new ways of thinking, Geoff is the creator of the game Billionaire, as well as author of the non-fiction and children’s books you see on this website.

Jessica Tuner
emigrated from Sweden to Australia, becoming a naturalized Australian in 2004. She specializes in packaging and point of sale design, with a flair for design work involving Photoshop special effects. She particularly enjoys food packaging work involving photography.

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Rodney Brunsdon
has a background in animation, TV drama and set design. He worked with the Walt Disney studio for many years, and illustrated the Top Drawer Mob story that you see on the Happy Books website. Rodney was also the head designer for the 2004 Big Brother TV series in Australia.

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Ingrid Volpato
specializes in packaging design and production work. She has designed many outstanding packs for both large and small clients, and brings a mixture of Brazilian design flair and sensitivity to her work, as well as a full understanding of the production issues involved in print work. She loves great design.

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Cindy Catts
has had 16 years experience as both an illustrator and designer, with an excellent knowledge of print. She has worked for some of Sydney’s best design groups, plus created 2D and 3D toys for clients such as McDonalds & Pizza Hut. Her design experience includes packaging, point-of-sale, corporate identity, in-store displays, promotion, all forms of printed material above and below the line, art and photography direction. See her portfolio

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Helen Steele
worked with Disney studios for many years in both TV and print work. Her greatest skill is her ability to paint, and use of colour. Her sense of colour, texture and composition is best seen in the Top Drawer Mob children’s book. She originally worked in oils and acrylics but has now swapped her paintbrush and pencils for a computer stylus.

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Virginia Gray
is a book illustrator, working with publishers in the UK and Ireland as well as Australia. She works across a number of design and illustration styles, and illustrated 52 character illustrations that appear in the Happy Families game. She originally worked for Harrods in London as a fashion illustrator.

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