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Aeroplane Jelly Books


There are 20 characters in the Bertie Adventure Stories:


Prissy the Prop Plane

Sammy the Seaplane

Wally the Water Bomber

Chloe the Concorde

Lennie the Lear Jet

Alice the Airship

Freddie the Fighter Plane

Heidi the Helicopter

Jenny the Jumbo

Jeremy the Jump Jet

Horatio the Hot Air Balloon

Stanley the Stunt Plane

Toby the Tri-Plane

Carrie the Carry Plane

Spooky the Spy Plane

Robbie the Rocket

Cindy the Cessna

Flynn the Flying Doctor

Professor von Clueless and his Whacky-Widget-Gidget-Midget Machine


Note: 'Bertie & Aeroplane design'® and 'Aeroplane'® are Registered Trade Marks used under licence by the publisher.