De Luge

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Twin track racing. The thrill of the mountain.

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St Moritz in Switzerland is home to the Cresta run, where the sport of Luge first had its beginnings.

The Luge and the single, two and four man bob sled teams are now Winter Olympic sports, and are spectacular because of their speed and the skill of the teams competing.

The sport also became famous in the movie Cool Runnings, which told the story of the Jamaican Luge team competing at the winter Olympics.

This toy is a mini version of the sport - with a twin luge track to connect together to create the run, luge cars, lugemen to ride the luge, and decals and flags to create the atmosphere of the winter Olympics.

A racing game is created by players competing against each other for point scores, based on both speed down the track and the least number of crashes and lugemen coming out of the Luge cars.

The toy is still at concept stage, and we are looking for a major toy company to take up the concept.