Happy Families card game

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Happy Families box

Stunning illustrations, beautifully packaged

We've set out to make the best version ever of this classic card game.

Inside each box you will find 52 individual character cards, in two decks within a cradle to hold them. All the cards are based on 19th Century occupations and have incredible detail and quirky humour, plus you'll find a booklet on the rules of play, the history of the game and story behind the illustrations.

The box itself is also inside a clear plastic sleeve, which also protects the box.

The game can be played by all ages, and is great family entertainment.

Simply collect all 4 cards in the family - mother, father, sister, brother... by asking for the card you want by name - "Do you have Brother Suds?" "No, but do you have Mother Buns?"

Some of the fantasatic cards in the game