Game Design

When you invent one game, one would think it would be easier to develop and sell others - but this is not the case.

It is just as hard, and having a track record of success does not make it any easier. It would seem to be just as hard to write a great novel, as it is to invent a game. There are thousands of people who are writing in the hope of being published, as there are game designers who are hoping to create a huge seller in the market.

Games like Trivial Pursuit, apart from being hugely successful at a point of time, also greatly encourage thousands of other inventors to try and repeat the success with their own games. The toys market is dominated by a few huge companies, and they largely control the market along with the retailers they sell to. They also rely heavily on Christmas buying where around 75% of all sales occur, and then try and trade through the year to get to the next Christmas.

It is also a fashion industry, and what was a hit last year, is unlikely to be a big seller next year. New products are constantly being launched, and the whole toy industry is facing competition from computer games sold in electronics and video stores, and from activities such as surfing on the internet. In spite of the huge numbers of people trying to develop new games and toys, the market is dominated by low price products. The low price point means that they sell.

One of our most successful games Billionaire was invented by Geoff Stuart over 20 years ago. We would like to present two new games - from the past - Happy Families and Old Maid.

The Future

We are now looking at a number of other old games which have been lost to the current generation, through either neglect or because a short-lasting user life. We'll keep you posted, but you are also welcome to contact us with your suggestions. We are also looking to purchase old games (from the nineteenth century through to the 1940s), so please contact us if you think you have a game or pack that you believe may be of interest.

Historical Games

If you are interested in historical games have a look at Geoff's Junkyard - a collection of historical packaging, games and stonework.