Old Maid card game

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Old Maid game

"There's a spy in the Regiment... we must seek her out!"

In our version of the classic game, Old Maid, we have made the old maid a spy, while the rest of the cards are caricatures of Military men.

These caricatures are original antiquarian illustrations dating back to around 1860. This is the first time that they have been used as cards, and they represent some of the best caricature work of all time.

Some of the characters you will find are Lieutenant Horseless, Guardsman Stifflip, Highlander Jock, Recruit Charlie, Marine Seasick and Captain Boris.

Anyone can play the game, from the age of six, and it makes ideal family fun, as children and adults can play together and share the fun.

Packs are in hard boxed sets, complete with "Rules of engagement" - which also have a history of the game and illustrations.

The cards are produced on high-quality card with a gloss lacquer overprint to both protect them and make them slip when shuffled.

The object of the game is to collect pairs of matching cards, and not to pick up the Old Maid spy card.

Some of our high quality game cards

BOTH OLD MAID AND HAPPY FAMILIES are great for children, as the rules are very simple, and the game can be played with children of any age or a mixture of ages. The games encourage and develop social skills in a easy, fun and enjoyable way.