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Great design, strategy, information, games, architecture, engineering - what makes a great website? How fast do you want to run? How much do you want to say? Are you talking to nobody or talking to the world?

The web is an amazing resource, and is probably the greatest single invention of our age.

In a few short years it has captured people's imagination around the world, and the world of communication has changed forever.

Where in the past the vast majority of business and communication was local, it is now possible to access a global marketplace and connect to people, products, services and information as never before.

As a design group, we have in the past largely designed for a printed end result - information and communication to be set down on paper and then distributed as packaging, point of sale, signage and corporate imagery.

We still do.

We also design websites and the imagery and underlying structures which go with it.

Websites are in many ways simply an electronic form of publishing, and as published material the quality of the content is what separates the good websites from the bad. It is also the speed, accessibility, and the fluidity of the website - the ease or difficulty of finding, downloading, and accessing the information which is of interest.

At Brandname Properties the websites we build are constructed by two different sets of people.

Our first set of people work on the information itself - the content - developing the key links- what they will be, what they will relate to and how they should interact. They then write the text that goes with these links, as well as organize the images that are to be used.

Often the hardest task is to decide on what should be written, photographed, and displayed on a website- and where a company has a number of people involved they will all have comments, viewpoints etc. There can be a 100 coaches and only 1 runner!

The key learning is that a website is not set in stone, it is a dynamic medium and will need to be maintained, upgraded, and monitored. It will probably not be earth shattering, or major ground breaking news - but it can still work! You can learn how to swim by studying a video, or watching others, but until you dive in the water yourself, you will not know how to swim.

Our second set of people work on the underlying structure of the website - what will make the information come to life, and how a person entering the site will be able to navigate around it, access information, interact, communicate, buy products or services, and all within a secure environment.

This is the underlying engineering of the site and its quality will also have a big bearing on the value of the site.

It is also a question of links to search engines. While a lot of attention is placed on having a great domain name, the more important factor is having the right key words to attract search engines and in turn visitors.

Design issues - such as type face, colour, size and position of text and pictures, movement and static images, interactive sections, live action are all developed as a balance between the designers and copywriters, and the webmaster engineers who build the structure to hold it.

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